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  1. To verify, we send a request to the recipients email server.

  2. The server responds back to the request and tells whether the email is invalid or valid.

  3. Sending request at an ideal speed is very important.

  4. If you send requests too fast, the mail servers will either deny your requests or send you the wrong data.

  5. We do requests with slower frequency which means we are able to get excellent result from your mail list.

For email, our email validation & verification products answer these questions:

Is the syntax correct?

A Valid email addresses should conform to established IETF standards. We check this via a syntactic email validation engine.

      Is the address custom?

Email address which used for business purposes are more likely to be branded and include a company's name also.

Is the email address disposable?

Chances are disposable email service providers do not supply valid email addresses. Mostly users with short-term needs use temporary email addresses.

Does the mail server exist?

Valid email addresses must have a corresponding domain name with valid MX records. If not, these addresses might be not accurate.

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Does the mailbox exist?

Valid email address should be able to receive messages. Our skemailverification products check for mailbox existence via email-sending emulation and SMTP connection checks.

Is it a catch-all email address?

It’s unlikely for valid email addresses to be catch-all ones since these are not designed to reach a designated person.

Choose the email validation product that works best for you:

Email Verification Lookup

A hosted email verification tool to instantly verify the validity and quality of an email address via a lookup query.


Bulk Email Verification

Our online bulk email checker is very easy to use. You can just upload your email list for validation and download the results in your chosen format—XML, JSON, or CSV.

Email Verification API

Email Verification API thoroughly evaluates email address in an instant via API calls. We provide developer library for most programming languages to make integration quicker with less code to write.


Disposable Email Domains

Get an exhaustive list of all disposable email domains in use to get rid of unwanted email addresses from your contact lists and more.

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Our email validation process is:


At skemailverification we cover email verification from many angles to significantly improve the quality and validity of your email lists as well as flag suspicious email addresses.


Our data never gets old. We scan the Web daily to provide comprehensive information on all email domains.


Get 500 free requests monthly. No credit card required.


We integrate with the platforms you'll love

Connect the email verification API to check email in real time. If you want to clean your list in bulk, just import, validate, and then export it back to your platform.

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